Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers are involved in every stage of litigation including asset investigation, pretrial procedures, evidence, collection, court hearings, appeals, settlement negotiations, and judgment enforcement. We provide clients with various complicated and cross-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration services, covering disputes in relation to: bankruptcy, liquidation, and restructuring; bank loans, guarantees, and financial derivatives, corporate investments; intellectual property rights litigation (including patent, copyright, trademark, unfair competition, network/ecommerce/domain name), international commerce arbitration, labor and employment, insurance, product liability, corporate compliance, audits, and criminal charges. Our lawyers have free access to the extensive knowloedge, and experience accumulated by our non-contentious practices and strong working relationships with experts in the areas of finance, securities and futures, funds, intellectual proerty irghts, real estate, labour and employment, taxation, and anti-trust, ensuring the quality of our services whether advising on one or multiple practice areas. Our lawyers lay emphasis on the planning and management of litigation and arbitration cases and on practical solutions. Our wealth of practice, experience, and thorough understanding of our clients needs enables us to realize their business objectives.