BKPM New Policy for Foreign Investment

The Investment Coordinating Board (”BKPM”) announced that commencing on 26th January 2015, BKPM implements One Stop Service (OSS) Center which is an integrated services between BKPM with some ministries/ institutions. It means that BKPM is now requiring all foreign investment companies’ applications to be done by online system. Accordingly, if foreign investment companies want to obtain BKPM approval for the investment license or non-license, they are required to start creating their own “Company Folders” on the Information Service and Electronic Investment System (SPIPISE).

The steps to create a company folder are as follows:

1. Register with the SPIPISE website (http://online-spipise.bkpm.go.id) to obtain a username and password;

2. Log in to the SPIPISE website using your username and password;

3. Upload scanned copies of the required documents in PDF format into the company folder; and

4. BKPM will review the documents and notify the investment company of any comments on them.

Company folder includes the following documents and a foreign investment company must upload the following required documents into the company folder (as relevant):

  • Company deeds, their amendments and approvals;
  • Company Taxpayer Registration Number (NPWP);
  • Certificate of Domicile (SKDP);
  • Company Registration Certificate (TDP);
  • Company investment approval or any license from BKPM or any relevant agencies;
  • Project location legality documents (eg, land certificates);
  • The office licenses and Hinder Ordonantie (SITU-HO) from the Government of Regency/Province and/or Nuisance Act Permit(UUG/HO) ;
  • Location permit;
  • Environmental licenses;
  • Environmental management documents and any recommendations from the environmental agency (AMDAL,UKL/UPL,SPPL);
  • Import documents (API, NIK, etc);
  • The latest Capital Investment Activities Report (LKPM) and its receipt which has been stamped by BKPM;
  • Any licenses issued by the relevant ministries;
  • Shareholders document.

According to inquires with BKPM and our experience, at present BKPM only issues application receipts online. Foreign investment companies will still need to collect their original license in hardcopy from BKPM’s office. Thus we will keep updating the new information from BKPM.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this update, or your business activities or plans, please feel free to contact us.